Whom are Combatives good for?

Throughout the world in every society, the right to defend one’s self is a natural assumption. Most legal systems require one to be assaulted first, before one can actually do something about it. This of course assumes that there is a pre-conflict stage where body language cues are demonstrated and assault follows.

But what if there are no such cues? What if there is simply a sudden murderous assault with evil intent? You hardly have the benefit of reaction if you are caught by surprise by an assault with intent to kill. Be this as it may, we are not going to go in depth into jurisprudence since this requires much discussion, since law does not justify defense without prior assault. Suffice it to say that Combatives prefer to deal with these situations pre-emptively; that is what makes them tactically sound since the main goal is survival.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, one of the most violent cities in the world, it is often said that “it is better to be judged by six than carried by six” acknowledging great value on human life and its preservation. There are also those that advocate non violence, even when they are in dire peril; they get led to slaughter like sheep. Combatives are not for them. Combatives are for those that make a conscious decision to do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their own, at any cost.

It is a person of self respect that will stand up to harassment and assault, and resistance always makes assault difficult (markedly so most times) if not unviable for an attacker. It is far more painless for the predator to select an easier target, as we always see happening in nature. For those that choose not to stand up to assault, the loss of their dignity, their self respect, their possessions and perhaps even their life is a certainty.

In the last 30 years we have seen many and unexpected socio-political changes with huge consequences in the daily lives of city dwellers. We have seen the astonishing increase in violence. Citizens no longer feel safe in their own countries, the streets and even worse their own homes! Every day one hears the chronicle of endless, senseless violence through the news, friends and neighbors. From the simple “pickpocket” who steals the money hard working citizens earn with their sweat, to the surreal murder that took place for a few coins. Armed robberies, rape, beatings and settling of “accounts” have become a daily phenomenon and we only get to hear of a few of these stories from the media “so the citizens won’t panic”. But fear rules on and it has touched the lives of all of us in some way or other.

The question of course is “What can one do about that”? What is the answer to all the violence that has touched the lives of all? Which is the solution?