Combatives Founders

Fairbairn, Combatives and WW2

In 1940 Fairbairn's career with the S.M.P. came to a close and he retired with the rank of Assistant Commissioner. A review of his service spanning over three decades, reveals that he had been personally involved with hundreds of violent domestic, street and Tong situations, as well as clashes between Mao Tse Tung’s communist "Red" army and Chiang Kai Shek's "Kumontong" forces.

William Ewart "Dan" FairbairnHe had also seen the invasion of China by the Japanese and the ensuing bloody and brutal siege of Shanghai and its surrounding provinces by the Imperial Japanese Army.

Also, he had worked closely with the S.M.P. "Special Branch"; which was to all intents and purposes an intelligence gathering unit for the British that operated covertly throughout Shanghai. It was with this tremendous amount of hands on, real-world experience that Fairbairn would enter into the next phase of his life in the service of his country.

In 1940 Fairbairn returned to England which was at war with Nazi Germany and was only just hanging on by a thread. The debacle and subsequent rescue of Dunkirk, the repeated defeats at the hands of field Marshal Rommel in North Africa, and the impending defeat in the Far East by Japanese forces, would render the then “Great” Britain almost incapable of fighting a conventional war.

The British Empire was stretched to its limits. It was Sir Winston Churchill with his steely resolve, geo-political genius and foresight that would pave the way for Fairbairn to put his talents, knowledge and experience to use in the service of the allies.