Combatives Founders

Fairbairn's Wartime Contribution

Fairbairn's contributions to the field of close combat in North America during war time are numerous. Practically every allied military force adopted his methods. These forces included the:

  • U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Army Rangers
  • Paratroopers
  • Marine Raiders & Scouts
  • Office of Naval Intelligence (O.N.I.)
  • Counter Intelligence Corps (C.I.C.)
  • Military Intelligence Division (M.I.D.)
  • First Special Service Force, also know as the "Devil's Brigade" or "Black Devil's", (Trained by former S.M.P. Detective Sergeant and Fairbairn's protégé Capt. Dermot M. "Pat" O'Neill).

Fairbairn's U.S. counterpart Colonel Rex Applegate was another driving force in close combat during this period. Col. Applegate was given the specific job of learning all there was to learn about close-quarter combat and is responsible for numerous innovations in all fields of Close Combat, both unarmed and armed. He had also studied under Fairbairn in Scotland when Fairbairn was given the mandate to train British and allied troops. His work at the (M.I.T.C.) Military Intelligence Training Centre which adjoined “Area-B” is legend in its own right.