Combatives History

Early History

Combatives in one form or another are as old as man himself since we can assume that the first scuffles between men came about over food, females, possessions or territory as far back as early pre-history. They have become more sophisticated with time but their function has remained the same over the millennia – to deprive the other of what is his, or to prevent the other from depriving you of what is yours.

It would be simply wrong to maintain that a combat system is the result of the efforts one nation or another since all nations all around the world that have seeked to expand their territory from antiquity till today have developed fighting skills for their troops. This fact is supported by depictions of clearly recognizable Combatives techniques recorded on the walls of tomb 15 at Beni-Hassan al-Shurrug in Egypt dating back some 3.500 years ago and wrestling depicted on cave walls in France that date back 15.000 years!

The truth of the matter is simply this, no matter how isolated a tribe or nation was, they all developed their own Combatives system for defending themselves or raiding their neighbours; and probably developed a “toned down” practice system to support and train in their system. Common sense dictates that since the human body is the same world wide (2 arms, 2 legs a.s.o.) all these various forms of combat had the same anthropometric units as far as kinesiology and application of techniques is concerned. Thus we see many similarities in techniques from all directions of the compass.

Ancient fighting techniques