True Combatives strive to keep training as realistic as possible.

In Combatives we have a “self-protection” mindset and not a “self-defence” mindset. This means that we actively protect ourselves so we don’t have to get to the point of defending ourselves (by attacking our assailant). In the former we are proactive (so as not to allow surprise assault) and “awareness” is our first line of defense. Conversely the “self-defence” mindset is reactive (having already been assaulted) and “reaction” is the first line of defense.

Combatives, the philosophyIt is also our belief that the “self-defense” school of thought has 4 main reasons for its ineffectiveness and failures:

  • Too many techniques (it is best to have a few worked to expert level).
  • Non realistic training (full physical contact, vocalization and multiple assailants is a must).
  • No adrenal stress (a real violent confrontation can leave you shivering from adrenaline secretions to say the least, if not puking and standing in a puddle of piddle).
  • Defensive thinking (real violence often requires offensive and sometimes pre-emptive mindset).

With this in mind, in the Civilian Combatives program we have only a few strictly selected techniques use role play and scenario training for the street which is complemented with full physical contact to “harden” our practitioners with “stress tempering” to make them offensively oriented.

These traits are carried over to the Professional Combatives training program which has a richer content and are directed at those wanting to become Combatives Group instructors. We increase the number of techniques because variety serves to make our instructors extremely knowledgeable about combat systems as a whole.

All these are punctuated by Simplicity, Directness and brutal Effectiveness.